Monday, March 7, 2011

So my sister Jolynne has a blog, and since she is one of my biggest fans (aka the one who reminds me most that I haven't blogged..) I did what any little sister would do, and copied her. It's some 30 day blog challenge. They say habits are formed after repeating something 21 times, so let's see if that theory holds true. Cross your fingers.

The first blog post is: A recent picture of yourself and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

15 is a lot. I don't blame you for skipping to the bottom just to see if post a recent picture of myself.

1. Road trips are my favorite things to do on the weekend, or ever for that matter. If you tell me we are leaving Friday morning, I will have my bags packed at lunch and ready to go at 5:00PM. I am a responsible an adult now ya know, and a boss to get time off from... Unless you tell me we have to leave at 2.. then I'll see what I can do to get off at 1:30.

2. I love Utah. I love everything about it. Winters do get a little long starting in March, but I love the ambiguity of the weather and being able to change from summer to clothes back to my winter clothes, just so I can wear that cute warm outfit one more time before it gets too hot.

3. I hate reading. Pretty much anything to be honest. It puts me to sleep, within 5 minutes. I read the same paragraph about 4 times before it registers that the quick brown fox ACTUALLY did jump over the fence, or moon. See? I can't even remember the paragraph we all read and typed over and over.. and over in elementary school.

4. I miss my family. A LOT. My dad and 3 sisters moved away all within 10 months. They didn't even ask me if it was okay, they just did it. Rude.

5. Country music is my favorite. I like all the other stuff, but country always make me happy. I'm not very good at the whole music thing, never caught on for some reason. My bestie, Megan, is good to me and shows me sometimes how to work itunes and other music sites. I haven't even tried to look into it for over 6 months.

6. Pretty much everywhere I go, I speed. I can't help it. I try and use cruise control as much as possible. Last time I got pulled over, I wasn't even mad. I just laughed, mostly cause it was awkward and right in front of my apartment complex...blocking the entry. Even better? I didn't get a ticket that time.

7. When I'm having a bad day, month, hour or even a good day for that always makes it better. I know this is a habit I should probably quit before it causes any major damage...But I'm making progress...Admitting I have a problem is the first step.

8. I used to wear all of my sisters clothes. I even paid my sister once to let me wear her forest green body-suit. My dad found out and made her pay me back every penny. Silly Heather. I used to steal/borrow Jolynne's... well, everything. I got so accustomed to wearing her shoes that were too big for me, that even still to this day, I have a hard time figuring out what size I actually need to buy.

9. I like to cook/bake for the most part. I get frustrated, even cry sometimes cause I just haven't figured out all the tricks that everyone else seems to know.

10. My nieces and nephews are my favorite kids in the world. I pretend like they are mine in public. One time I took Olivia to Seven Peaks and she said "I bet everyone here thinks I'm your kid." I wasn't mad, in fact the next time someone asked, I didn't deny it. I would take any one of the 11 of them for my own.

11. I love the gospel. It makes me happy. It makes sense and answers the hard questions I have about life. It gives me an eternal family which I wouldn't trade for anything.

12. I love decorating. I should actually say that I love buying decorations, but one day I hope I am good at making the decorations all look good together. I stay out of Rod Works, Taipan and stores of the like. I can't control myself.

13. I have the best friends in the whole world. I have always been surrounded by good friends who I have been able to keep throughout the years. They make everything better.

14. I sing pretty loud in my car when I'm alone. Sometimes I don't care when I pass other drivers, and sometimes I hold a note out long enough to drive by so they can't tell I'm singing.

15. I used to snore... but I don't anymore! I have been snore-free for almost 2.5 years now. I got my tonsils out 2+ years ago and have slept silently every since. It's a miracle. Each one of my dance team mates, best friends and roommates can attest to that.


  1. Good Job Blogging! I have no more to say, but I am proud of you. See, don't you feel squishy inside now?

  2. Remember how I stopped at day 4 I think? ....I can give you the list of things to blog if you want. Even though you already missed a day so, so much for making this a habit.

  3. Yay for blog post #2! I love this whole list of things...probably cause I just adore you :) I'm so glad you came to AZ that was so fun!