Monday, March 28, 2011

Operation Send Fievel West

What do all these pictures have in common?

Yep, you guessed it...they are cute little likable mice. Most would say Mickey was the most loved mouse in the world right? As long as he is a cartoon and remains on hats with mickey ears, t-shirts, mugs, fantasia and letter-man jackets (some people get all wrapped up in the spirit of disney), he is great.

Unfortunately about a week ago we came home from church and as usual Megs, SB and I were chatting in the kitchen, finding the fastest lunch/dinner we could because everyone knows that for some reason you come home from church more hungry than you ever thought possible. So Sara Beth screams and says she saw a mouse run from our laundry room to behind out fridge. We all jump to higher ground and naturally call our neighbor to save us. Lance comes right on over, (he is good to us) and begins his search for Ralphy. He pulls out the fridge where SB saw him run to and got on all fours to search him out with no luck.

That was the trap Lance set up for Gus Gus to not get through just in case he popped out of the fridge. If he would have showed his little head theres no way he would have stood a chance. buuuut he didn't. So Lance went home and we stayed on the counters for another 20 minutes, until we deemed it safe to come down...aka I needed a diet coke from the had to go on.

A couple days later, Megan said she saw Mickey in the pantry. I about died. I'll be honest, the first time SB allegedly saw the little guy, I wasn't completely convinced 100%, but now we had a second witness. Pest control (Lance) was called once again while we all gathered around the counters and searched high and low for him with no luck. again. He then mentioned if we got everything off the floor in the pantry, he would probably go away because he was coming back for something in there. 2 nights later, I had a dream about Feivel. So in a way, I saw him too. Which meant he was real. Which could only lead to one thing... Saturday Spring Cleaning day.

I was so grossed out. Still am, really. This could happen to anyone right....? RIGHT?? But now that we have completely cleaned everything out I feel better. MUCH BETTER. I can only hope he moved on to someone else's condo.. or died. Whichever. As long as he doesn't come back to my house, I'm completely fine with it.

Moral of the story? We should have probably bought a trap by now. Or used the Decon I found in our pantry a few days ago....But this way at least we are giving him the chance to live. We're just saying, hey, we don't like/appreciate you, but maybe someone else does... so go find them. Kinda like the Friends episode where Phoebe and Mike are living together and Mike finds Bob and Suzie... Any friends lovers out there?? Except in this situation we are on Mike's side.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Quit

I try not to say that. But seriously I had a hard time with that 3o day challenge. They weren't my favorite topics, so? I quit. Now that I have that confession off my chest..

Last weekend I went on a solo road trip, first stop? Groggs in Price to meet Holly and Jaren for dinner. SO fun. Love those two. They are adorable. Stop 2? Blanding to visit Heather and Jeremy and their kiddies. Have I mentioned that I missed my sisters who all got together and decided they would leave within 3 months of each other? Anyway, I love road trips. It doesn't matter where I'm going, just matters that I'M GOING. I don't remember driving anywhere more than 2 hours away by myself, which is definitely not as fun, but there is something about being alone, singing your heart out to all your old cds (broke out the old leather bound book of my mix's) while sipping slowly on diet coke.

Unfortunately I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to. I'm really working on that.

Jeremy took us up to the Lyman's cabin about 20 minutes from their house. So pretty up there. This poor little guy was sick all weekend. Is it bad that I like when little babies are sick a little? All they want to do is lay on your shoulder and have you hold them and I don't mind one bit.

Doesn't he look like a little green frog? Love this little guy. He is tiny and insisted on wearing his shoes all night. He didn't like that I wanted to get a picture of him here. I'm sure with that face he was yelling "dooonnn't" but I couldn't resist. More good news? he said B! for his first 3 times!! Bad news? I didn't get any pictures of Livvy and Cohen. Next time....

I miss these guys a lot, one thing I reeeally missed was Jeremy's cooking. I was looking forward to dinner all night and it didn't disappoint. One day, when I grow up, I'm gonna cook like him. It was so good to spend some time down at the Lyman's I surrre miss them!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

#6 Your favorite super hero and why

Honestly, I feel like like I'm on a lame date with this question. But I'll answer anyway... I think I would be Batman. Afterall, his movies are the ones who made me feel like it was okay to watch any sort of super her movie. He goes around the city making wrongs right without anyone finding out who he really is! So mysterious. I think what really got me were his movies...

The bachelor tonight was incredible. They had me fooled. I for SURE thought it was going to be Chantal! Not that I necessarily wanted it to be that way, but I had accepted it. Emily is just so sweet, until you meet her on after the rose ceremony... Awkward. But really, I like that she is skeptical and not so quick to give in to a whole new life on a whim. She is s a smart girl that Emily. Brad is head over heels for her, but I'm not so sure she is convinced. I still want them to be together. Most adorable insta-family ever.

Looks like I'm going to have to find a new Monday night hobby.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

#5 A picture of somewhere you've been

Chicago 2006 - There was a group of about 20 of us who went to Chicago primarily to see Wicked. Jenna, Amber, Megan, Heather
Lake Tahoe - A group of us went down for Spring break in April 2009 and stayed at Roxanne's house in Reno. So. much. fun. I love the Hutchen's family.
Lowell, Roxanne, me, Tyler, Megan, Ashley, Chris

Washington DC August 2009 - Anthony, me, Jordan, Golden. We rode motorcycles all around Washington DC at night. I couldn't have paid for a better tour of the city.
San Diego, CA August 2010 Best reunion with Rox ever. - Roxanne, Megan, Lauren and me.
Cabo San Lucas August 2006 - There were 7 of us roommates who all flew down for 8 days. Ah-may-zing. Oh college days..i miss you. Me, Heather, Megan.

4. A habit you wish you didn't have

I am a procrastinator. Even the night before my very last college class, where I had a test and 3 new articles due (and hadn't started writing them), I thought it would be a good idea to go to a bonfire all night and not get home til 3 which resulted in me staying up alllll night to be ready for my 7:00AM class/final. Who does that on there very last night as a student?? me. I have somehow convinced myself that I work best under pressure, which is definitely NOT true. I have to unlearn that annoying habit. Any suggestions??

Aren't Saturday's the greatest? Suuuriously. I slept in and then just stayed in bed a while longer and it felt. so. good. I then did some laundry and cleaned and went on a run outside. It wasn't as sunny as I had hoped, I need all the color I can get, but still warm enough to excuse myself from the gym. Just so you know, Girl Scout Cookies (Samoa's) do NOT constitute breakfast and a pre-run energy boost. Next time I'll probably stick with my oatmeal. The rest of the day consisted of wedding dress shopping with a friend, Pizza Factory to go, watching BYU's sad game, going to see Hairspray at the Hale Center Theater (thanks T...) where we were asked to move seats TWICE because apparently we (I) don't know how to read the tickets and find the correct seats... awkward , finishing the night with Yogurtland and dance battles with Dean on kinect. I can't get enough of that game.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 3: A picture with you and friends

Megan, Sara Beth and I have lived together since SB moved in in October. This is one of the very few pictures the three of us have together. This was taken tonight while we went to Carrabbas..can't get enough of that place and their diet cokes and bread. If we aren't getting frozen yogurt, we are likely found in the living room playing kinect, on Megan's bed watching Modern Family, and coming up with great jokes only the three of us seem to laugh at. Love these girls. SB is the biggest Jimmer fan you'll ever meet. If you were among the lucky few to be at JCW's, the only place we could find the game on, you would have heard quite the cheering from our table including my favorite,"Go Big Daddy!" bahahaha.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name.

I forgot to mention that if my internet goes out, and its not my fault that I couldn't post for 2 days, then I'm still on track for accomplishing my goal. no harm, no foul.

So the meaning behind my blog name is pretty simple. It rhymes. People often come up with nicknames for me for some reason. You'd be surprised at how many actually stick, but this is one of my favorites I suppose.

Monday, March 7, 2011

So my sister Jolynne has a blog, and since she is one of my biggest fans (aka the one who reminds me most that I haven't blogged..) I did what any little sister would do, and copied her. It's some 30 day blog challenge. They say habits are formed after repeating something 21 times, so let's see if that theory holds true. Cross your fingers.

The first blog post is: A recent picture of yourself and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

15 is a lot. I don't blame you for skipping to the bottom just to see if post a recent picture of myself.

1. Road trips are my favorite things to do on the weekend, or ever for that matter. If you tell me we are leaving Friday morning, I will have my bags packed at lunch and ready to go at 5:00PM. I am a responsible an adult now ya know, and a boss to get time off from... Unless you tell me we have to leave at 2.. then I'll see what I can do to get off at 1:30.

2. I love Utah. I love everything about it. Winters do get a little long starting in March, but I love the ambiguity of the weather and being able to change from summer to clothes back to my winter clothes, just so I can wear that cute warm outfit one more time before it gets too hot.

3. I hate reading. Pretty much anything to be honest. It puts me to sleep, within 5 minutes. I read the same paragraph about 4 times before it registers that the quick brown fox ACTUALLY did jump over the fence, or moon. See? I can't even remember the paragraph we all read and typed over and over.. and over in elementary school.

4. I miss my family. A LOT. My dad and 3 sisters moved away all within 10 months. They didn't even ask me if it was okay, they just did it. Rude.

5. Country music is my favorite. I like all the other stuff, but country always make me happy. I'm not very good at the whole music thing, never caught on for some reason. My bestie, Megan, is good to me and shows me sometimes how to work itunes and other music sites. I haven't even tried to look into it for over 6 months.

6. Pretty much everywhere I go, I speed. I can't help it. I try and use cruise control as much as possible. Last time I got pulled over, I wasn't even mad. I just laughed, mostly cause it was awkward and right in front of my apartment complex...blocking the entry. Even better? I didn't get a ticket that time.

7. When I'm having a bad day, month, hour or even a good day for that always makes it better. I know this is a habit I should probably quit before it causes any major damage...But I'm making progress...Admitting I have a problem is the first step.

8. I used to wear all of my sisters clothes. I even paid my sister once to let me wear her forest green body-suit. My dad found out and made her pay me back every penny. Silly Heather. I used to steal/borrow Jolynne's... well, everything. I got so accustomed to wearing her shoes that were too big for me, that even still to this day, I have a hard time figuring out what size I actually need to buy.

9. I like to cook/bake for the most part. I get frustrated, even cry sometimes cause I just haven't figured out all the tricks that everyone else seems to know.

10. My nieces and nephews are my favorite kids in the world. I pretend like they are mine in public. One time I took Olivia to Seven Peaks and she said "I bet everyone here thinks I'm your kid." I wasn't mad, in fact the next time someone asked, I didn't deny it. I would take any one of the 11 of them for my own.

11. I love the gospel. It makes me happy. It makes sense and answers the hard questions I have about life. It gives me an eternal family which I wouldn't trade for anything.

12. I love decorating. I should actually say that I love buying decorations, but one day I hope I am good at making the decorations all look good together. I stay out of Rod Works, Taipan and stores of the like. I can't control myself.

13. I have the best friends in the whole world. I have always been surrounded by good friends who I have been able to keep throughout the years. They make everything better.

14. I sing pretty loud in my car when I'm alone. Sometimes I don't care when I pass other drivers, and sometimes I hold a note out long enough to drive by so they can't tell I'm singing.

15. I used to snore... but I don't anymore! I have been snore-free for almost 2.5 years now. I got my tonsils out 2+ years ago and have slept silently every since. It's a miracle. Each one of my dance team mates, best friends and roommates can attest to that.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I turned 25. Ever since that day, I am 90% sure my body has been resisting/fighting getting older, therefore I haven't stopped being sick. So here I am writing at 1:30AM because I can't breathe and or sleep. Thank heavens for my sister Heather letting me borrow her humidifier as a small attempt to allow me to breathe. Bless her.

I've had a blog once before, but for some reason had no desire to write on it...somehow I thought a good name change would help? I feel like starting a new blog is like starting a new relationship, like I have to introduce myself or something. So here are a few things about me...

One time, I moved out of Utah County. I thought after I graduated from college it was time to grow up, so I ventured to the capital city all of 45 minutes away. It lasted about 3.5 months and one thing led to another and I was brought back to the real UC. I moved in with my sister Heather for a few short months, and then slid my way back into Provo life. Apparently, I just couldn't get enough of this place.

This week marked my 1 year anniversary of working at my job. I love it. Couldn't be more grateful for it in fact. I am an exec assistant for a great boss at HP. It's your basic 9-5er, which works great for me. I've decided its not really where you work, or even what you do so much, as it is the people you work with. I'm pretty lucky to work with great people, who make coming to work daily to sit in a cubical doable/enjoyable.

A few years ago I started running because of my bestie, Megan. She is having an awesome give-away on her blog by the way...check it out! She convinced me to somehow train for a 1/2 marathon. I don't think I had run since high school. Sad? Maybe. But I hated it. But I am soooo glad she did! Now, I kinda love it. I just started training for my 3rd 1/2 marathon that I will do in April. There is just about having a goal and a plan to accomplish it. Such a great feeling.

I'm the youngest of 6 girls. I always thought I'd live in the same state/county as my sisters forever. Mostly because I tried to rack up as many babysitting hours as possible, so I had a good excuse to drop my kids off at any of their houses any time I needed...because they owed me. That's fair right? I think they should have told me they were going to move away on me before that happened. Now if I want them to watch my unborn children, I will have to drive many hours, or fly them to them. Rude. They have approximately 4-10 years to move back so we can be "even."

Favorite show(s) right now? Modern Family and Bachelor. Hands down. What is more entertaining than watching a bunch of women pretend to fall in love with a man in less than 6 weeks. I have attempted that before with only me and 1 man, and I can tell you, it's just not possible...let alone sharing any moment you have with him on camera with America. Our Utah girl is just plain crazy. Seriously, crazy. But I am a little convinced that boys like crazy? no?