Thursday, February 3, 2011

I turned 25. Ever since that day, I am 90% sure my body has been resisting/fighting getting older, therefore I haven't stopped being sick. So here I am writing at 1:30AM because I can't breathe and or sleep. Thank heavens for my sister Heather letting me borrow her humidifier as a small attempt to allow me to breathe. Bless her.

I've had a blog once before, but for some reason had no desire to write on it...somehow I thought a good name change would help? I feel like starting a new blog is like starting a new relationship, like I have to introduce myself or something. So here are a few things about me...

One time, I moved out of Utah County. I thought after I graduated from college it was time to grow up, so I ventured to the capital city all of 45 minutes away. It lasted about 3.5 months and one thing led to another and I was brought back to the real UC. I moved in with my sister Heather for a few short months, and then slid my way back into Provo life. Apparently, I just couldn't get enough of this place.

This week marked my 1 year anniversary of working at my job. I love it. Couldn't be more grateful for it in fact. I am an exec assistant for a great boss at HP. It's your basic 9-5er, which works great for me. I've decided its not really where you work, or even what you do so much, as it is the people you work with. I'm pretty lucky to work with great people, who make coming to work daily to sit in a cubical doable/enjoyable.

A few years ago I started running because of my bestie, Megan. She is having an awesome give-away on her blog by the way...check it out! She convinced me to somehow train for a 1/2 marathon. I don't think I had run since high school. Sad? Maybe. But I hated it. But I am soooo glad she did! Now, I kinda love it. I just started training for my 3rd 1/2 marathon that I will do in April. There is just about having a goal and a plan to accomplish it. Such a great feeling.

I'm the youngest of 6 girls. I always thought I'd live in the same state/county as my sisters forever. Mostly because I tried to rack up as many babysitting hours as possible, so I had a good excuse to drop my kids off at any of their houses any time I needed...because they owed me. That's fair right? I think they should have told me they were going to move away on me before that happened. Now if I want them to watch my unborn children, I will have to drive many hours, or fly them to them. Rude. They have approximately 4-10 years to move back so we can be "even."

Favorite show(s) right now? Modern Family and Bachelor. Hands down. What is more entertaining than watching a bunch of women pretend to fall in love with a man in less than 6 weeks. I have attempted that before with only me and 1 man, and I can tell you, it's just not possible...let alone sharing any moment you have with him on camera with America. Our Utah girl is just plain crazy. Seriously, crazy. But I am a little convinced that boys like crazy? no?