Sunday, March 13, 2011

#5 A picture of somewhere you've been

Chicago 2006 - There was a group of about 20 of us who went to Chicago primarily to see Wicked. Jenna, Amber, Megan, Heather
Lake Tahoe - A group of us went down for Spring break in April 2009 and stayed at Roxanne's house in Reno. So. much. fun. I love the Hutchen's family.
Lowell, Roxanne, me, Tyler, Megan, Ashley, Chris

Washington DC August 2009 - Anthony, me, Jordan, Golden. We rode motorcycles all around Washington DC at night. I couldn't have paid for a better tour of the city.
San Diego, CA August 2010 Best reunion with Rox ever. - Roxanne, Megan, Lauren and me.
Cabo San Lucas August 2006 - There were 7 of us roommates who all flew down for 8 days. Ah-may-zing. Oh college days..i miss you. Me, Heather, Megan.

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