Monday, March 28, 2011

Operation Send Fievel West

What do all these pictures have in common?

Yep, you guessed it...they are cute little likable mice. Most would say Mickey was the most loved mouse in the world right? As long as he is a cartoon and remains on hats with mickey ears, t-shirts, mugs, fantasia and letter-man jackets (some people get all wrapped up in the spirit of disney), he is great.

Unfortunately about a week ago we came home from church and as usual Megs, SB and I were chatting in the kitchen, finding the fastest lunch/dinner we could because everyone knows that for some reason you come home from church more hungry than you ever thought possible. So Sara Beth screams and says she saw a mouse run from our laundry room to behind out fridge. We all jump to higher ground and naturally call our neighbor to save us. Lance comes right on over, (he is good to us) and begins his search for Ralphy. He pulls out the fridge where SB saw him run to and got on all fours to search him out with no luck.

That was the trap Lance set up for Gus Gus to not get through just in case he popped out of the fridge. If he would have showed his little head theres no way he would have stood a chance. buuuut he didn't. So Lance went home and we stayed on the counters for another 20 minutes, until we deemed it safe to come down...aka I needed a diet coke from the had to go on.

A couple days later, Megan said she saw Mickey in the pantry. I about died. I'll be honest, the first time SB allegedly saw the little guy, I wasn't completely convinced 100%, but now we had a second witness. Pest control (Lance) was called once again while we all gathered around the counters and searched high and low for him with no luck. again. He then mentioned if we got everything off the floor in the pantry, he would probably go away because he was coming back for something in there. 2 nights later, I had a dream about Feivel. So in a way, I saw him too. Which meant he was real. Which could only lead to one thing... Saturday Spring Cleaning day.

I was so grossed out. Still am, really. This could happen to anyone right....? RIGHT?? But now that we have completely cleaned everything out I feel better. MUCH BETTER. I can only hope he moved on to someone else's condo.. or died. Whichever. As long as he doesn't come back to my house, I'm completely fine with it.

Moral of the story? We should have probably bought a trap by now. Or used the Decon I found in our pantry a few days ago....But this way at least we are giving him the chance to live. We're just saying, hey, we don't like/appreciate you, but maybe someone else does... so go find them. Kinda like the Friends episode where Phoebe and Mike are living together and Mike finds Bob and Suzie... Any friends lovers out there?? Except in this situation we are on Mike's side.


  1. Okay that is hilarious. I need more posts.

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